Images of the memorial panels undergoing cleaning and restoration by Cliveden Conservation

Since our last update we have received a detailed Condition Assessment from Cliveden Conservation which includes a quote for all work to be undertaken.

Some images can be found below. All six panels have been given a letter and damage carefully noted.

Each panel has been carefully cleaned, some of the varnish and paint consolidated and the water staining removed/toned down. It has been interesting to note there was still some gilding remaining on some of the lettering (since painted over with gold paint).

All images reproduced above courtesy of Cliveden Conservation.

The brass plaque was also cleaned as it was very dull and Cliveden’s experts wanted more of a contrast of the lettering. They struggled a little as the lettering itself is very fugitive and there as the risk of cleaning the lettering off so had to tread carefully. Finally, the brass plaque has been repatinated and protected with a coating of lacquer.

Tomorrow we will give some more news about our fundraising effort to pay for this work so stay tuned!


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