After 23 months away from The Mount Without the war memorial panels are rehung!

Each of the six wooden panels arrived on site wrapped in protective plastic

Earlier today we were delighted to welcome a team from Cliveden Conservation who brought the six wooden war memorial panels and accompanying brass plaque back to the crypt after their cleaning and restoration. These had been removed in December 2019 and were now ready to be fixed to two specially made frames on opposing walls of the crypt.

The rehanging process was filmed by BBC Points West

A cameraman from BBC Points West was on site to film the work as they propose cutting in some of the footage with a piece to be filmed on 25 November, the planned rededication day of the panels.

One of the 1/6th panels is rehung

What we had envisaged being an hour’s work took until 3pm, a sure sign that this kind of work is best left to professionals. However, at the day’s end the six panels were safely and securely fitted. Also, directly under the window was the brass plaque, the central focus of the crypt and where we plan wreaths and crosses will be laid at the rededication service. We were delighted with the work and, at last, can see the name of 842 officers and men displayed in their rightful place.

Further photos of the day’s work can be found below.

Final adjustments on the 2/6th and 3/6th Battalion panels
The team from Cliveden Conservation – many thanks gents!

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